Technology Doesn’t Matter

Too often I go into a project and the solution has already been decided on. Be this from a budgetary decision, internal software “policy” or just a personal choice by a senior team member.

When this occurs you really do have to question if the organization really is considering a customer centric approach or are they just paying lip service to the process with meaningless words and reports.

The consideration should be focused on the customer not the tech. After all technology is what we can easily change, mold and manipulate to solve the problem. The same is not the case with people.

To often we get caught up in the “shiny” of the new tech. We fail to consider looking at the underlying need, the behavior, the problem and the resultant customer use.

This can even be reflected on the requirements of the project.

They need to be described in such a way that they highlight the customer and their intent and don’t reference anything to do with the interface they may use.

Description of their desired outcome and its use is a lot more helpful from a design viewpoint than the description of a solution or a specific tech interface.

Not making the technology to suite people is just being lazy.

After all isn’t tech here just to help and assist people.