Feedback is Okay, but it’s not Enough

I discuss with businesses the way they communicate with their customers on a regular basis.

Most of the time it’s a one way conversation.  Usually via a website, promotional material, email newsletter or social media.

Now this is fine, to a point.

It’s great for getting the message out, but it really doesn’t help in the longer term with building that client relationship or really understanding what the needs, wants, and desires of youe customers are.

At no point, in this one way conversation, do we find out what long term problems our customers really have.

Yes feedback is important.  Yes as a business you need to listen to it.   Often this feedback is from email or social media engagement these days.

Now it does tell us a good deal of information, and can be very helpful, allowing you to look at immediate issues on hand.

It’s this immediacy that is the problem.    Customer feedback tends to be focused on a major issue or the congratulations of an achievement.

Discovery and Engagement

There is an entire conversation that is missing.   The details, the background of the situation and the overall context.

All the minor problems, or missed opportunities for a customer, doesn’t come to light unless as a business owner you engage your customer one on one.

Talk to them.   Make it personal get to know them; even if they are just a order via an ecommerce site.

Having a real conversation with your customer will be enlightening as to how they use your services.

This is why I tend to spend a good deal of my time, if I’m engaged on the project with you, talking to your customers.