Don’t Copy and Paste your Business

When you are running a business you try and make it as unique as you can, with distinct elements that will separate you from your competition.   This is a given for any successful business.

You also want, for the most part, your customers to be unique to your business; with their own specialised requirements, only you can meet.

In the offline world this holds true, but not so online.

In the online world of the web, sadly there is a trend to just copy what your compeditors or other successful overseas businesses have done.

Sydney by Night

When you do this copy and paste without due consideration for how your audience interacts with you in the offline and online space then it can be a complete disaster.

Of late a good number of traditional retailers have been scrambling to improve their position on the web.  Unfortunately they are just copying the online retail models from overseas firms without any consideration for the distinct audience differences.

The reasons people shop online and offline in Australia is very different to some of the reasons for the UK, US or EU.   This type of information has to be taken into account when planning or reviewing any ecommerce facility.

You can’t just take another business’s strategy and implement it as your own.  

For a start there are differences in the regionalisation of your market as well general business alignment. You’re not going to know the issues, research, compromises and the jounrey that has been undertaken by the business to arrive at their strategy. This information is critical.

It’s like looking into building at night, you see the detail inside, but can’t see the structure on which the details are built.

The same can be said for off the shelf software and templates; that are often rolled out by small business.  

Too often these end up forcing you to take extreme compromises to your customers ease of use of your site, for the sake of an initially reduced startup budget.

In many cases you only get one chance to impress your potential customer during any transaction.  Getting this right is important.

If you are finding yourself going down this route, maybe you should consider talking to us.  

We specialise in ensuring that you get that level of customer engagement you are after.  We do this by using a series of specific research techniques to focus on your customers and show you how to measure success realistically.