PetRescue – The Emotional Journey

The Before and After designs for PetRescue

The journey for PetRescue started a few years ago, with a casual conversation at a Leederville coffee shop, slowly it became on an ongoing project that’s often been constrained by time and budgetary resources during the time period.

At the time the PetRescue website was operating on an aging code and design base that had been patched and “quick fixed” too many times in order to keep this extremely popular site operational.

Not for Profit
Project Focus:
UX Design

PetRescue approached us with the aim to redesign the site the right way focusing on the audience but maintaining a level of learned experience.

After establishing an outline of the audience and their usage patterns it was discovered that using the PetRescue site was an extremely emotional journey as a would be adoptee decided on a pet and then dealt with the subsequent rescue group.

Overall the project delivered a design direction and solution for a responsively designed website via a series of wireframes, while promoting a distinct personality of the website to help ease the emotional journey.

We were not responsible for the final visual design that honour goes to the Frontier Group.

Processes and Techniques Used

  • Web Analytics
  • Survey Design and Analysis
  • Persona Development
  • User Journey Generation
  • UX Solution Design
  • Wireframing
  • UX Consulting