Ensuring Accessibility for GSCWA

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The Genetic Support Council of WA (GSCWA) approached our Principal, Gary Barber, a while back with a concern. They were considering a redesign of their existing website, and  they didn’t want to end up with another inaccessible unusable site.

They needed to engage a web design agency that would deliver what they required, and not just shoe horn them into a standard solution.  The concern was even if the right agency was found, their large and diverse audience with  genetic conditions would be forgotten in the design and development process. Pushed aside as too hard to design for.

Genetic Support Council of WA
Not for Profit / Education
Project Focus:
Accessibility, Usability, Web Strategy

This is where we stepped in to fill the gap as the avocate for their users and as specialists to ensure that the site would be as accessible and usable.  Ensuring the special needs of the support groups for genetic conditions that the GSCWA looks after would be taken into account.

Now any good communications project (like a web site) needs to be based on a firm foundation of a strategy and comprehensive knowledge on the users.   As we normally find with such organisations as the  GSCWA,  little of this type of information is ever documented.

To overcome this issue we conducted a series of lean workshops and user research sessions  where we generated a group of core personas and build strategies for the GSCWA.

After conducting this in-depth research it was clear from the  user journeys and scenarios outline by the GSCWA users (and personas) of the function directions required.

The subsequent site was designed and developed  with Bam Creatives using a collaborative iterative approach. Assurance and further user research was conducted via a series of interleaved rounds of usability and accessibility testing (for compliance with WCAG2 A).

Processes and Techniques Used

  • Strategic Workshop
  • User Research
  • Persona Development
  • Accessibility Audit
  • Usability Testing
  • User Experience Analysis