WA Govt Gets Serious About Web Accessibility

Last year a Director from AGIMO declared at Web Directions South that Western Australia was one of the poster children for state government based implementation of WCAG2 compliance in relation to the National Transition Strategy (NTS).

On the the 30th June 2011, last week, the WA government has announced publically the date by which the entire WA government, public facing websites, intranets and extranets must be at least WCAG2 level A compliant.

This date is 31st December 2013.

Okay that may seem a long way off, but consider any redesigned or new sites already has to be WCAG2 A compliant anyway since 1st June 2010.

The Public Sector Commission is so determined to meet this deadline they have appointed a specialist project manager just to oversee this compliance with the NTS.   They are also pushing a preferred compliance level of AA.

This will be helped in part by the Perth based accessibility professionals and the support of the local Web Accessibility and Inclusive Design Community.

The implications for this across government are going to be tremendous.

Finally accessibility compliance will be taken seriously in government and treated with professional diligence it deserves.

Let’s hope the WA State Treasury will help fund the process of the local NTS to it’s full conclusion.