Social Media Changes

The web is an amazing place, it never stays static, not even for a minute.

Just when you thought you had a handle on it.   The web rises up and slaps you with a cold kipper to wake you up.

As you are all coming to terms with social media on the web for better or worse – things are changing.

A while back I wrote about social media and taking baby steps into it, a mantra that still holds today.  I also mused about the 10 Rules for Small Business and Social Networks over on my blog.

Well it’s been a few years since then, the landscape has changed.

Sure a lot of the social media web sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and the like have gone mainstream and yet others are now waning as well.   Social networking sites coming and going is the way of things, nothing new here really.

The Real Trend

However there is a greater trend I have been observing in the leading edge of the social media community.

In the early days people signed up for a lot of networks and web sites, I know I did.   Ensuring they where included in the “next” big thing.

But lately the rush has calmed in that leading edge community.   The glamour of the social media darling has dulled, the charm and laugher chilled to a cloaked mutter.

Sure the mainstream is still got the lust and passion for social media.   However more often than not the mainstream follows the treads set by the leading edge community and they are moving away from social media.
People are just tired of it all.    People are their accounts, dropping out of all but one or two social networks.   They are just focusing their communications on one medium alone.

Understandable really, maintaining a social media presence takes time, even if you are doing it just for “fun”.   It’s time out of your day.

We were all busy before social media became the new wonder child, but when you add in social media web to your communications channel, something has to give. People have to find the time to use social media effectively, in an already full schedule , that’s going to be hard.

Festering Social Media

Social Media is like an annoying lump, you know it’s there, it’s noticeable. You put up with it intruding, and bringing its friends (other networks), making the lump bigger, only because it’s fun, has some benefits and is interesting.

Till one day you have just had enough and the unsightly lump is now just a pain. It has to go, you have two options – you can either cut the lump out (leave forever) or get it lanced (reduced your activity).

And that is what is happening on the leading edge.  People are rationalising social media.

Just keep in mind things change. Social media will be rationalised by the mainstream as well. So be active, but watch for when your audience changes.