Scitech – Review & Analysis Comes First

Scitech web site and part of the usability report

Scitech has a reasonably detailed website but they lacked the clarity of direction and understanding of the site’s audience.

Like many organisations Scitech has been working the web without any clear understanding of their major goals and strategy in this area.

The current site had been operational for a number of years without a major review.   It was working, but not at peak efficiency.

Scitech elected to review their site, instead of starting the usual web design process – throwing out the existing site and redesigning, without a review of the current issues.

A rapid-fire strategic workshop, with specifically designed homework, was conducted to fine-tune the web strategy for Scitech and review their existing audience specifications.

Based on the outcome of this workshop, we conduced an inclusive usability review focusing on their core audience and the customer experience around the key goals of business and the customers requirements.

Not for Profit / Education
Project Focus:
Usability, Web Strategy

The final outcome for Scitech was an extensive report on usability and major accessibility issues for their current website. These issues were ranked in order of impact on the overall customer experience.

Armed with this information Scitech was able to correct the issues without the need for a costly redesign.

To often organisations redesign sites without considering what is really required. Just the realigning of the site back to the core goals and requirements of the business and the audience.   Clearly realigning over redesigning of a site will result in a budgetary saving.

Skills Used

  • Strategic Workshop
  • User Research
  • Usability Audit
  • User Experience Analysis