Records & Information Management Careers

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This site started from very simple idea; just a seed of an idea that the client had.

An idea to build a career site to promote the records and information management industry and it’s benefits to high school leavers as well as people changing careers in their mid twenties.

This meant we had an audience spread from 15 to 30 to consider.   Not an easy task at all.  We also didn’t have an unlimited budget.

The best way to approach this project was to fall back on a good deal of UX based research of the audience and similar industry career sites.

After an extensive competitive analysis and a limited but substantive series of interviews we had a core vision for the direction of the site.

A detailed content strategy and design direction was presented to the client.

RIM Professionals Australasia
Professional Association
Project Focus:
User Experience and minor Web Design elements

Implementation of the vision did have to take on a few resource and volunteer availability issues, but in the main the core of the vision still remains to present a simple easy to use site.

Many of the features and details used in this site, would not have been possible, if there had not been a component of research and testing with the audience throughout its development.

The final site was rolled out on a WordPress base, with CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery components with the visual design being distinctive but inline with the RIM Professionals Australia current branding and promotional material.

Skills Used

  • User Research
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Preliminarily Screen Design (Wireframing)
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Information Architecture
  • User Testing
  • Visual Design
  • Site design implementation
  • Project Management
  • Site development