Specification Lists are Meaningless

When you are thinking about reworking your existing web site I bet you find yourself thinking about the new features you could have on your site.   Now these features may look really sexy and give the impression that you are up with the latest trends.

However the reality you have to ask yourself is, are these features going to help my customer, are they really going to help the business.

I have found time and time again over the years that people are obsessed with having a list of features or specifications that they must have implemented on their web site.

We have found that when we have stepped in and aligned the feature list with the customer and business goals it is then that the list becomes a little meaningless.   After all if a feature isn’t serving a purpose for the business or your customer, you really have to question why it is there at all.

Still there is some core functionality for any web site  that  will return a benefit for the business, this is a given.  These are usually  elements such of online forms, shopping carts, search facilities and the like.

So when you draw up that list of “must have features” have a good think about them, do your customers want them too.

Ideally you shouldn’t be focusing on the features anyway but the process and the things your customers want to achieve on your web site.  Knowing this will lead you to the real feature list with real customer and business  benefits.