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Environmental Protection Authority Usability Review

Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) approached us with a web site in the final stages of development.

At this point in time the EPA had a reasonable investment in the new web site.  As one would expect, this was not without some reasonable level of expectation that the site would meet all the level of it’s requirements of the EPA, their stakeholders and customers.

We were commissioned to conduct a resource efficient and timely review of the upcoming site. We focused beyond the expert stakeholders of the EPA, into their general customer base.  Looking at the usability and overall customer experience revolving around a number of goal based scenarios.

Environmental Protection Authority
Project Focus:

The outcome of this review was a report outlining a number of usability issues that reflected on the customer experience  using the new web site.  These issues were outlined in terms of impact of severity and budgetary estimates to overcome.

This type of project is an excellent example of where a timely customer experience and  usability review of a web site can leverage a major benefit in terms of correcting issues before the site is launched.

Skills Used

  • User Research
  • Usability Audit
  • User Experience Analysis

Please note radharc was not responsible for the overall visual or interactive design of the forth coming Environmental Protection Authority web site. We solely were commissioned to assist with usability aspects of the web site.