Do You Know Your Customers?

I think I know my customers very well.  Some I have had business relationships with for the last 15 years.   Do I think I know their customers well.  Would I honestly try and second guess them.

No, not really.

It’s not that I don’t have the experience, design skills, or the details of what they tend to be like.

I just don’t know how they are going to use a web site.

If you say to me that you know your customers and know how they will react to anything on the web site.  I have a major shock for you.

They don’t and will not be thinking the way you do.

The problem is you know your business or organisation inside out.  You have been living and breathing it for years.  However your customers have not.  They often have no idea about your services when they visit your web site.

Sure I can set things in motion, using good design principles and the like. But at the end the day the final decisions on a web site come from people using it.  Not me.

Investing in a web site can be expensive exercise, something you don’t want to gamble on.  Experience, understanding and design skills can only go so far in knowing what an audience may do on a web site.

Still think you know your customers well.  Take a good hard look.   Do you know the emotional state, the motivators, the decision making process, the wants and needs and the previous experience with like products of your last ten customers. Can you write it down for me in detail.

Great thing is when we don’t know this level of detail about our customers, it’s not a problem.  Today web design is more than just about the design, it’s about getting inside the heads of our  customers.   To do this we have range of tools and techniques, a specialist toolbox if you will. We use this to understand your customers and their behaviours and like experience.

This way we can really understand your customers and create a web site that will stand out from your competitors.