Your Website is not a Software Project

It’s interesting that people still consider that the design and development of a website should be treated like a software development project. Most websites you see are information based by nature, they are not software.

The same approaches that are used to build a word processer or a specialised CRM (Customer Relationship Management) should not be used for a website. Look at it from the core view of what they are used for.  Your desktop software is used as a tool to acheive a task. When your website is centered around information – be that the delivery of information as a public service or to sell your products, it s still information at it’s core.

So why consider your website, clearly a marketing and communication tool, to be aligned with general business software productivity tools. Would you consider a marketing report or a white paper to be the same as your accounting system?

No, I didn’t think so. So why your website.

Yes, granted a website is going to need specialised development and design skills. But I wouldn’t be counting on your IT team to have extensive experience with the skill set required. Even the development of a business requirement for a website and the planning that is required is something outside of the scope of the usual IT department. This is mainly due to the multiple disciplinary approach required.

These days, when building most websites there is no need to reinvent the wheel. The modular nature of the web can allow you to string together any functionality that you require and implement a very powerful systems without the need to build anything from scratch. In fact the very way you build a site should not longer be the old school design then develop, but a synergy of the two.

Just consider the nature of your website and what it is for before getting your IT people involved.