Your Web Browser Maybe a Problem

Earlier in the week a series of warnings about the web browser Internet Explorer was issued by several governments, including the Australian federal government.  This issue isn’t a hoax, it’s a genuine concern.

That big “e” application that you use to access the web has a number of security flaws that are starting to be widely exploited.  This means when you use an Internet Explorer browser you are in real danger of having your secure information compromised.  So maybe this is a good time to stop using Internet  Explorer and consider the alternatives.

What Else can I Use?

You can use other software besides Internet Explorer, all the alternative browsers listed below have the same functionality as the latest version of Internet Explorer.  In some cases they have even more.

These alternative browser also the added benefit of following industry best practice and implementing various elements of new technology that may give your business an edge.

Now if you’re using Internet Explorer and the version is below the latest – version 8, then you really should be upgrading anyway.

I know this issue maybe hard for those of you that have your software resources controlled by the IT department, but maybe you should be asking why are you still using an insecure and in some cases out of date browser.