3 Dec is International Day of People with Disability

Today the 3rd December is International Day of People with Disability.  This is to celebrate the worldwide recognition of the achievements and contributions of people with disabilities.

I know there was big breakfast at Burswood today celebrating this day. However beyond the breakfasts, picnics and the like, what are you really doing for people with disabilities.

You may just consider that you just don’t care.

Well did you know people with general to specific disabilities make up 30 percent of our population. Now if you consider on top of this we have an aging population – this means this percentage is only going to get larger.

You may say you can’t do much to help.  Well this is where you are dead wrong.

Just making your web site even a little bit more accessible can help a great deal. Often it doesn’t take much to convert a professionally designed site into a fulling accessible one.    All you need to do is talk with an accessibility specialist.

The step is just wanting to do something about it.  Why not take it.