Norgifieds – IA on a budget


The Norgifieds is an interesting project as it not generally the type of site that people think they would need an information architect for.    Norgifieds is an online classified site, that works on the principles of keeping it’s design and interface very simple. To often in this market space online classifieds become bloated unusable sites almost from the outset.  Not so with Norgifieds, it was designed from the outset to be simple and easy to use.

Norg Media
Project Focus:
Information Architecture

We were called in on this project to build and reduce the classifieds category list.   This involved researching the proposed category lists with the site’s audience and then collating, refining and finally re-evaluation of the categories by the site’s audience.  The final result was a reduced category list, from well over a 100 items down to the core 13 that you can now see. All this was supported by testing and confirmation from the site’s audience.

Best part was via using various tools and rapid design techniques we were able to achieve this within a limited budget.  The same methods and techniques could be applied to say an e-commerce site, or small government agency.

Skills Used

  • User Research
  • Content Audit
  • Card Sort
  • Tree Analysis and Testing
  • Content Map
  • Preliminarily Screen Design (Wireframing)

Please note radharc was not responsible for the final interactive design and look of the Norgifieds web site. We solely were commissioned to assist with information architecture aspects of the web site.