Options 21 – trading education specialists

Options 21

Options21 are share and options trading education specialists;  they have a  unique aspect to their business in that it is totally online.  Every aspect of their business reflects a very modern viewpoint of the information age. They have embraced and have taken into account the dramatic cost savings of operating their business online from accounts, crm and service delivery.  This has allowed them to increase their  customer service delivery to a highly personalised level.

This site presented for Options21 a complete change in procedural and marketing direction,  with the introduction of specialised news delivery services based on email and subscription services.   It also presented the opportunity to build and leverage off the common knowledge base of their online community and build a resource base that places them in good stead to become market leaders.

Project Focus:
User Experience, Web Design

The Options21 web site is based around a common open source simple content management platform. This allows their remotely distributed team to easily update, create or mange content, on the site, as required from anywhere.   Of note is the use of specialised techniques and tools to direction clients and filter their outcome into a qualified list of contacts.

Skills Used

  • Information architecture development
  • Navigational flow design
  • Screen design (Wireframing)
  • Visual design
  • Site design implementation
  • Site development
  • Project management
  • Web marketing consultation