Helping organisations discover and improve on insights about customers and themselves

What we do

Improved Customer Experiences equals a Greater ROI.

Let’s be honest. – Would you really know if your product or service was frustrating your customers?  Would a potential customer honestly tell you what annoyed them?

Would an internal user tell your team that the newly implemented system was being avoided.

Sometimes you just have to get an independent, someone who spends all their time looking for insights.  Finding ways to give you an advantage.

Services I can offer to improve your Customer Experience.

  • Provide independent professional consulting.
  • Experience and Service design strategy development.
  • Reviewing a service or product for customer or user insights.
  • Research and invalidate assumptions or design directions.
  • Design prototype and validate interaction solutions.
  • Concisely visualise the current and future states.
  • Train, mentor or coach your team in using Experience Design principles.

If  you want to find out more about my services,  contact me and have a chat.

How we work

How I work isn’t that complex.

The Lean Cycle
I don’t employ a standard, one size fits all, methodology.  However I do use a toolbox of processes, techniques and approaches from Lean, Agile, Design Thinking and Customer Centric Design.

These come down to three phases in an iterative loop:

  • Learn
  • Design and Build
  • Validate and Measure the Results

I start with a clear understanding of the problems and the ecosystem of your products and customers, internal and external.  By starting with this business outside view I gain a degree of empathy and perspective without encountering the bias of your internal culture.

Deeper research methods such as ethnographic studies. contextual enquiries and collaborative workshops are used to explore and gain deeper insights.

This understanding is refined and sharped by looking at the complexity of the insights and seeking out valid patterns, which can be solved.

My solution process is simple.  Make a change in the complex ecosystem, test the outcome and adjust accordingly.   This helps reduce costs as we know immediately if the changes are effective.  If not them we have discovered something and the process of improvement iterates.

How to engage me.

This could be by a longer term contract, or by shorter weekly blocks of work, I sadly don’t work in blocks of work under a week.



 Who are we

Gary Barber, Experience Design Director

Gary BarberI am an independent experience practitioner specialising in research and designing strategic solutions in the service to digital environments. I have become known for uncovering the core insights and inspiring change within organisations.

I have over 15 years in the Experience Design industry with a further 12 years designing user interfaces on various platforms starting in digital design and development.

My projects have a strategic holistic inclusive  nature provisioning solutions with the application of agile, Lean, design thinking and a toolbox of UX techniques for an improved experience.

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