Helping organisations improve the quality of their customer interactions.


My main service offerings include:

  •  Improving Products and Services.

    My primary focus is always on making your products and services better for your customers. By using various customer experience and service design methods and techniques, I walk the fine line of being your customer’s voice, still taking into account your business goals.

  • Understand Your Customers.

    Really understanding your customer’s needs and desires is critical for any business. I use a series of specialised behavioural-based enquiry techniques to discover the core motivations and intent of your customers along with the deeper issues around your products and services.

  • Allowing for  Aging Customers.

    When designing solutions for your customers I take special consideration for our aging community. By using inclusive design techniques I am able to take into account the needs of all your customers; while still maintaining compliance with a number of international accessibility standards (WCAGv2).

  • Improved User Experience.

    With any product or service there is risk of the implementation not quite working to complete failure. To reduce the risk, I collaborate with your team to ensure, together, we deliver the best customer experience possible. I do this by early invalidation of any issues, and in turn reducing the risk.

  • Improving Your Team.

    I work in a partnership with your team. The entire process we go through together is highly collaborative. This gives a high degree of knowledge transfer and even team mentoring. This can be from once off coaching workshops to ongoing process and mentoring sessions.

  • Business Realignment.

    I use a number of highly collaborative workshop techniques that allow for an quick pulse check with your executive to see if your business, products and services are aligning with your customers and business ethos.

If  you want to find out more about my services,  contact me and have a chat.


I generate direct business value by:

  • Improving the customer experience in terms of contextually measurable values.
  • Reducing the cost of service and process transactions.
  • Increasing the customer loyalty, retention and profitability.


I do things a little differently:

  • I use a customer (human) centred design approach using Design Thinking and Lean methodologies where relevant.
  • I  customise the approach for each project, using a toolbox of techniques and processes.
  • I  work in a very close partnership with you, allowing a direct skill transfer to your staff at no additional cost.
  • I’m  for direct, lean communication and reporting.
  • I ensure that all outcomes are actionable and you have a distinct directional strategy forward.


How to engage me.

This could be by a longer term contract from 3-12 months, or by shorter weekly blocks of work.



 Who am I

Gary Barber, Experience Design Director

Gary BarberI am an independent experience practitioner specialising in research and designing strategic solutions in the service to digital environments. I have become known for uncovering the core insights and inspiring change within organisations.

I have over 15 years in the Experience and Service Design industry with a further 12 years designing user interfaces on various platforms starting in digital design and development.

My projects have a strategic holistic inclusive  nature provisioning solutions with the application of agile, Lean, design thinking and a toolbox of UX techniques for an improved experience beyond just the digital world.

Contacting Us

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