Helping organisations improve the quality of their customer interactions.

What I’m  good at

My main service offerings include:

  •  Service Design.
  •  Experience Design Consulting.
  •  Experience Design Research.
  •  Accessibility Compliance and Design.
  •  Visual Facilitation.
  • CX/UX Coaching and Mentoring.
  •  Workshops and Training.

If  you want to find out more about my services,  contact me and have a chat.

How I’m different from the rest

I generate value for our clients by:

  • Improving the customer experience in terms of contextual measurable values.
  • Reducing the cost of service transactions.
  • Increasing the customer loyalty, retention and profitability.


I do things a little differently:

  • I use a customer (human) centred design approach taking the best elements of Design Thinking and Lean Methodologies.
  • I don’t work on a formula, but come with a toolbox of techniques and process in framework customised for your business.
  • I  work in a very close partnership with you, allowing a direct skill transfer to you at no cost.
  • I don’t product 100 page reports that say nothing. I’m  for direct, lean communication and reporting.
  • I ensure that all outcomes are actionable and you have a distinct direction for your next step.


How to engage me.

This could be by a longer term contract from 3-12 months, or by shorter weekly blocks of work.



 Who am I

Gary Barber, Experience Design Director

Gary BarberI am an independent experience practitioner specialising in research and designing strategic solutions in the service to digital environments. I have become known for uncovering the core insights and inspiring change within organisations.

I have over 15 years in the Experience and Service Design industry with a further 12 years designing user interfaces on various platforms starting in digital design and development.

My projects have a strategic holistic inclusive  nature provisioning solutions with the application of agile, Lean, design thinking and a toolbox of UX techniques for an improved experience beyond just the digital world.

Contacting Us

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radharcPO Box 106Ballajura WA 6066 Australia
041 242 3727

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